Sports Management

Sports Management

What do people I worked with say -

"Abhijeet always maintains a high level of professionalism." - Robert T. Błaszczak, Commercial Development Director at Synergy Sports
"Abhijeet has always worked with immense dedication, procedural awareness and commercial acumen." - Roshan Gopalakrishna, Partner at LawNK
"I am certain Abhijeet will go on to be a great success in his career and will be a valuable asset for any future employers." - Ken Sharp, Managing Director at Stadimax Group

I have been working in the sports industry since 2015. My first job was being a Legal Counsel for a sports rights management company in Bangalore. I have also studied sports management academically for two years in Europe. Since May 2020, I am offering the following services to athletes and sports organisations-  

  • Athlete Representation
    Managing professional athletes for their interests on and off the field.
  • Marketing Strategy
    Providing strategy for Content Marketing and Social Media to maximise your brand’s awareness.
  • Event Organisation
    a. Planning and launching of sports events.
    b. Providing workforce or volunteers for sports events.
  • Brand Protection
    a. Drafting advisories and guidelines to define permissible and non-permissible usage of your brand marks.
    b. Identification and removal of infringements of your intellectual property.
  • Lecturer Engagement
    I am open to share my expertise as a sports industry professional at business schools.
  • Channel Panelist
    To discuss current affairs in sports for your broadcast channel.

Please send me an email at, and let's make something incredible happen! You may also connect with me on LinkedIn and get in touch via Messaging. I trust that I can be of your help.

Before you leave this page, watch my webinar 'Introduction to Sports Law with special reference to tennis' for the Institute of Sports Science & Technology (ISST) on YouTube.

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